With variety of options to implement Smart Solutions available on the market today, the real challenge is to choose the right one which would suit your needs while maximizing return of your investment and getting best results.

BEACON Ltd., with our on-the-field experience, project and customer management in implementing Smart Solutions in Water and Gas utility companies, Energy Management and Energy Efficiency projects, Building Automation and Street Lighting projects, can provide you consulting services to manage and handle all the challenges and options throughout all project phases from project initiation, project management up to project finalization phase.

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Technical solutions evaluation

What is the optimal hardware solution for my needs? Which communication protocol should I choose while there are so many but seem all the same? Should I have all the data stored on local IT system or on cloud IT infrastructure? Are we going to be GDPR compliant?

Defining the right strategy and approach with throughout planning is essential to make right decisions. We can guide you through with these tough decision to make.


Project/Tender documentation

Are all the technical features needed for the tender participants to offer well defined in our project/tender technical specification? Is the estimated cost too low or too high? How can we evaluate/test offered technical solutions?

BEACON can provide you support necessary to create your project or tender specification future-proof while defining the optimal solution for your investment.


Project/Contract management

Is the installed equipment compliant with project/tender technical specification? Is project/contract execution according to plan and tender specification?

Project/contract execution phase is full of tough challenges to deal with. Based on years of experience in project/contract management, we can help our clients reduce operational costs and handle human resources more efficiently in order to maximize ROI.


Business operations management

How can we exploit the benefits from implemented Smart Solutions in our company to create more added value?

The present and the future of running businesses is all about processes innovation, integration and optimization. We can support your company in implementing those challenging steps together with Smart Solutions benefits which will provide you highly-efficient, streamlined business processes.