Smart Solutions Brief Introduction

Smart Solutions represent a large number of advanced, technology-oriented solutions and services covering wide area of business and private activities. Due to global urbanization, increasing levels of demand and resource constraints, Smart Solutions help resolve such strategic challenges with primary focus on maximizing process efficiency and increase in revenue while reducing resources consumption and operational costs.
Together with constantly growing information and communication technologies and by implementing process control and monitoring systems, Smart Solutions are starting point in order to achieve more-efficient and sustainable environment and to provide opportunities for further growth.

Smart Solutions in Smart Cities & IoT

Rapid changes and innovations in information and communication technologies provide wide field of opportunities to remotely monitor, manage and control devices in real-time. While the Smart City concept is focused on implementing smart technology, smart industry, smart services, smart management and smart life solutions, Internet Of Things is all about installing sensors and connecting them to internet using specific protocols for information exchange and communication in order to achieve tracking, monitoring and management.
In order to integrate all the benefits from Smart City solutions and Internet of Things information exchange and communication, Smart Solutions are essential part of the puzzle that provide cost-effective solutions with a purpose to achieve the whole Smart City-Internet Of Things system instrumented, interconnected and intelligent.

Smart Solutions Opportunities

During last decade, many national and city local governments, utility, construction and manufacturing companies have recognized the benefits and importance of implementing Smart Solutions as part of Smart City and Internet of Things systems.
All over the world and on every single continent, there are huge investments and projects running in various businesses and industries focused on achieving higher operational efficiency, cost reduction, improved city management, environmental sustainability and infrastructure resilience.
Based on market estimation that by 2020 internet-connected things will outnumber human population 4-to-1, new dynamics and challenges will be set upon the industry and society as well as new opportunities will arise in order to handle and control those challenges by implementing Smart Solutions in Smart City and Internet Of Things market segments.